CityBus transport service price list

CityBus provides passenger transportation services between Warsaw and Modlin Airport and back. Unit price of the journey depends on two factors: the number of people collected or transported to one address as well as the zone in which the collection or delivery point is located.

Transfer to the airport in Modlin may occur from the part of Warsaw indicated by the customer. On this web page, you will find a map depicting the division of Warsaw districts into price zones.

In order to check your zone, please:

  • select full screen option on the map below 
  • enter your address by using search icon 
  • Pooled journeys

    Pooled journeys service allows for individual persons or small groups to join the ride. The client provides the collection address that’s convenient for them and after having made the booking receives information about the time range in which the driver will appear at the agreed location. As in the case of ordering a taxi to the airport, the client begins their journey in a place that’s convenient to them. The driver makes stops to collect passengers max. three times along the way. The route is determined by the system, taking account of all collections points, to ensure the shortest possible time of travel.

    The price of the journey varies depending on the distance of the collection points from the airport and the number of people who are collected from it. The more people join the journey from the same address, the cheaper the unit price becomes. Rates valid for pooled journeys are as follows:

    Number of passengers on the bus










    Zone A

    79 zł

    59 zł

    55 zł

    49 zł

    40 zł

    35 zł

    29 zł

    25 zł

    Zone B

    89 zł

    69 zł

    65 zł

    59 zł

    49 zł

    41 zł

    35 zł

    31 zł


    The driver collects one person from Address 1 (PLN 79) then two persons from Address 2 (each of them will pay PLN 59) and one person from Address 3 (PLN 79).


    The driver collects one person from Address 1 (PLN 79), then one person from Address 2 (PLN 79) and another one from Address 3 (PLN 79).

    Private journeys

    The second service in the carrier’s portfolio covers exclusive journeys. In the case of such a journey, the driver collects a group people from only one address indicated during the booking and then goes directly to the airport in Modlin, not making any stops on the way. The price list for this service:


    Zone A

    199,00 zł

    Zone B

    249,00 zł


    The driver collects four persons from Address 1. Each of them will pay PLN 39 for the journey.

    Journey in both directions

    Journeys take place in both directions – the client can make a booking for a route between Modlin – Warsaw. Collection of the transported passengers takes place at the airport and then the driver takes them to the delivery addresses indicated during the booking. In this case, the costs of transportation depend on the location of the final address and the quantity of people declared during the booking. The same division into zones applies here.